INSITOOLS is a brand of Singapore Technology on-site machine tools, the group of experienced on-site machine users include the design engineer and application engineer establish this brand, it is under an innovative environment that initially focus of as how to provide the on-site repairing of damaged bore for the many buckets of excavator on the road ….

Many research been done toward as how to provide an more efficient tool and fixture and allow users friend and really portable Tool…

The born of INSITOOLS (INSITU) now been a new chapter for on-site machining industries …

Singapore as the country of emphasis of precision, focus of efficiency, continue Innovation, become the mile stone of INSITOOL brand of engineers and Investors, the careful selection of key components, materialogies, ration of drive etc

The principle of to ensure the on-site machine during operation allow the mobility, safety, efficient and preciseness are our 4 main elements… After so many years, we have more than 5 machine type with more than 30 models in our ranges include Portable Boring, Bore weld, Flange Facer, Portable Milling, Gantry Mill, Key Mill, Portable lathe, Portable Drill Our group of delegated Sales and Customer service team include the many year hand on engineers will service you well…

We look forward for your continue enquiries!



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